Marcelo Meneses Jurado
is a computer science major and has graduate business studies at California State Polytechnic University. He worked in NASA (JPL) programming for the Galileo space project destined to Jupiter, and later with IBM in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, involved with various services projects in the banking industry. His passion for nature and adventureled him to join his brother Alfredo Meneses to create an active travel touring company. As Ecuador Adventure’s director he leads the operation and sales of steam train tours in Ecuador and has become increasingly involved in many of the political and technical aspects of the railroad. He has also gained steam engine repair and maintenance contracts with the State Railroad Company. He is also an amateur photographer, an extreme athlete and a passionate advocate of Ecuador
Jorge Vinueza García
was born in Ecuador in 1975. He discovered hispassion for photography in 1993 and the still image has become his way of expression since then. He has worked for important media in Ecuador like “El Comercio” newspaper, Diners magazine , SoHo magazine and healso contributes in cultural projects with FONSAL. He has published hiswork with international agencies, both in Europe and the U. S. A. He hasbeen awarded several prizes, and holds international and national mentionsfrom SIP (Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa – Inter-American PressSociety) in 1998, and the National Association of Hispanic Publications inthe U. S. A., 2002, 2003, 2004. He won first place in photography in theprestigous “Jorge Mantilla Ortega” a ward from “El Comercio” newspaper,2005. His work has been exhibited in Ecuador, U. S. A. and France.He is now involved in many projects with special interest in Andeanphoto